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February 13, 2011
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Our story begins with a pokemon battle along an old mountain path. The two trainers called out for their pokemon to attack. The first was a Kirlia, who elegantly danced across the battlefield, dodging one attack after the other with the grace of a ballerina. The second was a Geodude, rock steady and tough as stone.

The geodude's trainer ordered the next move, "Geodude, rollout!"

The rock type curled up and took off like a runaway train towards his opponent.

"Kirlia, dodge it, and use magical leaf!"

The emotion pokemon flipped threw the air over the rollout and released it's attack.

"Quick Geodude, defense-curl!"

Geodude wrapped its arms around itself and blocked most of the damage.

"Kirlia, confusion!"

Kirlia was engulfed in a blue aura as Geodude was lifted into the air and thrown into a large rock, shattering it.

"G-Geodude!" The trainer called out. He ran over to his fainted pokemon. "You did a great job, have a nice long rest." the boy congratulated as he returned his Geodude to its ball. "That was a cool match, that's some Kirlia you've got." he laughed.

The first trainer scratched the back of his head embarrassedly, "Thanks. That Geodude of yours is no pushover either. Right Kirlia?" he asked.

"Kirl-Kirlia!" she happily chirped, rushing to his side and hugging his leg.

The two shook hands and walked away down the forks in the road. The second trainer was going to the pokemon-center at the top of the mountain, while the first trainer and his Kirlia took the low path. He was heading down to the lakeside to test out his new fishing lure.

On the way down, Kirlia couldn't help but let her eye's wander to her trainer. She watched as the wind blew his short brown hair into his green eyes. He was wearing a brown traveling vest over his gray T-shirt and green denim shorts. She blushed when she caught her eyes lingering on his backside. She'd known for awhile that she was in love with the human named Cecil, even since before her evolution. She had done her best to keep it a secret. How could a human ever return the love of a pokemon? know, those perverts, but that wasn't what she wanted. No, she wanted to be his girlfriend, his valentine. She had heard of the human holiday and often wished that he would give her one of those beautiful handmade cards. Alas, it could never be. She stopped abruptly, sensing danger.

Cecil turned to see what was the the matter, "Huh, Kirlia is everything okay? Hey! What are you...?" he was thrown back by Kirlia's Confusion just in time to avoid getting by a flying bone. "What was that?" he asked, grabbing his pokedex and pointing towards the direction the bone was returning.

Kirlia got into fighting position as she waited orders.

A few seconds later the device beeped, "Marowak, the Bone Keeper pokemon. Marowak use bones taken from an unknown source as weapons. They are quite skilled and dangerous for less experienced trainers."

Cecil began to sweat, "D-damn. Alright, Kirlia use your psychic powers to find Marowack and then shower him with Magical Leaf!"

"Kirlia," she acknowledged, crossing her arms in front of her and trying to concentrate. She narrowed the search down and had a good idea where it was when she was struck in the head with another Bonemerang.

"Kirlia,!" Cecil called to his injured pokemon. He clenched his teeth while he followed the bone back to Marowak's hiding place. "Kirlia, there. Behind the boulder!"

Kirlia struggled to her feet and looked up the mountain to the place Cecil pointed. She shot out a flurry of Magical Leaf attacks and guided them with Confusion.

The glowing leaves reached their target but weren't fast enough. Marowak flipped over the boulder, jumping down the mountain and raising it's weapon over its head for an attack.

Kirlia jumped out of the way just in time to dodge the Bone Club, shattering the ground.

Marowak wasn't done yet. He pulled the bone from the ground and charged at Cecil to fast for him to run.

Kirlia, was enraged. She used teleport to jump between them and blasted Marowak threw the air into the lake far below.

Cecil  ran down the mountain to try and help but when Kirlia tried to follow she was stopped by a strange feeling welling up inside of her.

'A few minutes later.'

Water squirted from Marowak's mouth as Cecil pressed down on its chest at the shore of the lake.

When Marowak was revived and saw who had saved it there was a moment of awkwardness. But soon it reached out its hand.

Cecil smiled and took the Bone Keeper pokemon's hand and shook it.

Then he realized something was missing. "Hey, where's Kirlia?" after that he heard a rustling in the bushes. He and Marowak, who was too weak to defend itself, started shaking.

Out of the bushes came the last thing either of them expected to see. A Gardevoir.

It's long flowing dress waved elegantly in the breeze as it adjusted a few out of place hairs in it's face. Cecil had never seen such a beautiful pokemon, yet something about it seemed familiar.

No way, it couldn't be, "K-Kirlia?"

Gardevoir squealed and tackled him to the ground, rubbing her cheek against his.

"I guess that answers that question," he joked, trying to get the overly affectionate pokemon off of him.

Marowak sweat-dropped  at the embarrassing scene.

Later they all settled into a small fishing lodge. Cecil was out at the lake fishing. Unfortunately he wasn't having any luck. He reeled in the line. "Maybe it's my lure," he wondered as he pulled the line out of the water and checked the Carvanha shaped lure. He looked up at the sky and realized it was already nighttime. He started walking to the cabin when he heard a hauntingly beautiful and familiar song. He followed the shoreline looking for the source of the song. He was surprise to find Gardevoir, sitting atop a boulder in the water and singing Lucky Chant in the moonlight.

She stopped singing when she sensed her trainer. She rose to her feet and teleported over to the sandy lake shore. She looked into his flustered eyes and smiled. 'Hello Cecil'

Cecil jumped, where was that voice coming from, he looked around but couldn't find anyone.

'Hehe. No, it's me.' Gardevoir chuckled.

He was shocked, dropping his rod and reel. "Gardevoir. Y-you can talk?"

She smiled again and shook her head, 'No, I'm communicating with you telepathically. I tried in the past but it's only now that I'm strong enough.' she glided over to him, seemingly weightless.

Cecil blushed when she stroked his cheek with her hand.

'Do you remember when you first taught me that song?' she asked.

"Y-yeah," he stuttered.

Months ago when Cecil first started out as a trainer and she was still a tiny little Ralts, he wanted to make sure they wouldn't get surprised by any critical hist so he bought a book on teaching pokemon moves. He spent days going over the notes with her. They were so happy when she finally learned that, even though he had replaced the move with Heal Pulse about a month ago, she would never forget how to sing those notes that had made her beloved Cecil smile.

'I guess they call it lucky for a reason, it brought you here tonight, Valentine's night. There are so many things I wish to tell you but until now I couldn't, I didn't have a chance. But with this new body, I at least feel like I have a shot.'

Cecil furrowed his brow in confusion.

'I have loved you for so long, I couldn't help it. And now I want to know how you feel about me."

Cecil looked down at his feet, causing Gardevoir's heart to sink.

'I see, that's alright. I knew it was a longshot anyway.' she put on a fake smile, trying to hide the tears in her eyes. Suddenly he grabbed her hand.

"Gardevoir, you've stayed by my threw all out battles. You've braved every storm and saved my but more times than I can count. I could think of no one that I would rather have, to be my valentine."

Gardevoir's eyes teared up once more, except this time it was out of joy. She pressed her lips against his without warning, and together they spent the night gazing out at the stars and holding hands with their valentine.

Meanwhile, back in the cabin, Marowak was sleeping like a rock, snoring like thunderstorm, and scratching its belly.
A cute little story about a Kirlia that falls in love with it's trainer but can't express that love. Later she finds a way.

Starts out a little boring then becomes really good. Please review if you like it.
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skylander2301 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Marowak ftw!
DaxterBoyAwesome Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is really beautiful!
I enjoyed reading every part of it! (Even the last part :iconlooolplz:)

Is there gonna be a sequel?
Aburameclanhead Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Student Writer
Well I'm actually writing a series based on it. I posted the first chapter. It's called Cecil's Odd Odyssey.
DaxterBoyAwesome Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No fooling? Gotta read it now!
(I just love GardevoirXHuman relationships!)
Aburameclanhead Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Student Writer
So do I but in this series he doesn't end up with her, it's more of a one sided crush. Which is hilarious because she'll try so hard to keep girls away from him. I'm sure you'll still like it though.
DaxterBoyAwesome Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw man! Ah well! At least i will have a good laugh!
Aburameclanhead Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Student Writer
I can promise you that. XD
DaxterBoyAwesome Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aburameclanhead Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Student Writer
Ultragamer42 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
Nice story. It's pretty touching...and a little humorous in two certain spots. (The pervert comment by Kirlia's thoughts and the Marowak part at the end.)
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